“Greg Williams is one of the most hardworking, passionate, and caring teachers I have had the privilege to work with. His knowledge on string studies is evident based on his ability to clearly explain, discuss, and demonstrate string techniques and skills. Greg has displayed his talent on violin and viola through performances with quartets, community orchestras, and solo recitals.

While studying viola with Greg in college, he would always care about how I was doing first and foremost which always meant a lot to me mentally.

Greg always puts the care for his students as the most important which makes him a wonderful teacher. Greg is a dedicated, supportive, and welcoming teacher that any student would be grateful to have and study under.”

Holly Grabowski, Queens College, CUNY, Class of 2020

“Our son Ryan has studied with a few private music teachers since he began playing the viola in 4th grade. Last year as Ryan entered 9th grade, we sought out Dr. Williams after he was recommended to us by Ryan’s music teacher in school. From the first moment he entered our home, we knew that he had found the right fit.

Dr. Williams has a very impressive resume, but that is not what stood out for us. It is his compassion, energy insight, and humility that makes him distinct. His passion for teaching has taken Ryan’s music skills to a higher level and has fostered a respect for his time with the viola that we have not seen before. Dr. Williams is an immensely gifted musician with vast knowledge, but he has taken the time to get to know Ryan’s level of skill and has nurtured that accordingly. He is never disparaging and always encouraging.

From the very beginning, he has made a concerted effort to connect his students with one another, whether it be by inviting them to one of his concerts or by linking them through online studio classes. This has brought a sense of community for Ryan and speaks volumes of Dr. Williams dedication to his students. His encouragement, flexibility, patience, and professionalism are consummate.

We cannot recommend Dr. Williams enough to other families that are looking for their child to take the next vital step in their musical journey.”

Jasleen Giannitelli, Parent

“I’ve studied with Greg for all of my undergraduate career thus far at Queens College, and as I’ve just concluded my sophomore year, and I really feel like I’ve made significant progress as a violist under Greg’s private instruction. Prior to college, I was a rather shy and unconfident violist. Now, after working with Greg for the past two years, I really feel my own distinct sound is finally manifesting; some of the things that seemed arduous in the past, like playing up in higher positions or reading treble clef fluently, I don’t even think twice about now. Learning from Greg has really expanded my overall technical abilities, which has allowed my own musicianship and tone to finally emerge.

I think all of my progress is thanks to Greg’s remarkable teaching style, as he establishes the perfect balance between setting high (yet realistic) expectations and creating an encouraging, stimulating environment that enables each student to meet these expectations. After working with Greg in any setting (individual lesson, studio class, etc.) you can be sure to leave with being able to realize what you did well that week, what you can further improve upon the next week, and of course, some kind of cheesy pun that you’ll think about later that day and laugh about.”

Katelyn Sullivan, Queens College, CUNY, Class of 2022

“We are so lucky to have someone like Gregory teach how to play viola to our daughter. Ever since Gregory started giving private lessons the difference the quality is music she produced was palpable. Gregory is not only a great viola player but also an equally great teacher of the ways of the instrument. He is patient with his students and knows how to nudge them in the right direction to become better musicians, with the right amount of knowledge, dedication, and love of the art of music.”

Penpa Tsering, Parent

“I’ve been studying the viola with Dr. Williams for almost four years. Since I’ve worked with him, I’ve grown tremendously and been very successful, from scoring 100 on level six NYSSMA to earning top seats in orchestral auditions. During lessons, I learn a lot about everything from technique, tone, and music theory to funny musical puns. Dr. Williams is patient and explains things well. I often get to choose from a wide variety of pieces for my repertoire. Lessons are not only productive and instructional but also fun and enjoyable!”

Jeylin Lee, Student

As a (decidedly) senior student with a lifetime of non-string musical performance, I was a bit anxious to take up a completely new instrument. Would I make all the neighborhood dogs and children scream? It has worked out great, due to Greg’s humor, incisive instructional technique, and willingness to go with my idiosyncrasies, and adopt to my variable work and personal schedule. I had not studied a new instrument since childhood, and while the experience is at times humbling, I have been delighted with my progress and ability to meet my goals, e.g. to play in an orchestra after two years of study. Greg made this happen, and I am grateful for his patient support. The viola is not just for kids to take up!

Frazier Stevenson, Student

“We waited and consider ourselves very lucky to have found a teacher as talented as Dr. Gregory Williams for our 9 year old son, he now always looks forward to his classes. My son was never so motivated to play his viola until he began his lessons with Dr. Williams. He now looks forward to playing his viola; enjoys the music; and is so so thankful for all the over and above opportunities and experiences that Dr. Williams brought for him to the table.

My younger son who was always undecided on what instrument to play has also made up his mind and looks forward to beginning his lessons with Dr. Williams soon.

I would recommend Dr. Gregory Williams in a heartbeat.”

Monisha Ahuja, Parent

“I have worked on and off with Greg since 2008 and every time I do, I am blown away with what he has to offer as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.

Greg’s teaching has brought me far beyond the player I used to be. Having worked with Greg in my college prep, while I was studying at a local community school, and then during my time at the Aaron Copland School of Music, the dedication to his craft grew more and more impressive.

I can never thank Greg enough for what he has given me, taught me, and showed me over the years and could not recommend him enough as a teacher. You will find no one better.

Ryan Furrer, Student